Sunday, July 27, 2014


we celebrated with sizzlers. a little better than KFC. we figured we would make up for our lack of celebration on the 4th of July...

This week was amazing. I'm learning more and more about God's way of working with us. Every time we pick on a Christlike attribute to work on for the week, God pours out opportunities to try that attribute. We picked faith this past week. And sure enough, our faith was tried. Day after day, investigators were dropping like flies. Friday came, and we were starting to worry, and became a little discouraged. We taught the Book of Mormon class that day, and we read chapters 16-17 in 1 Nephi. I kept thinking about how Nephi was almost always alone in his faith and obedience, while everyone around him became instantly discouraged and started murmuring and doubting their faith. It was kind of a wake up call. Inflection point! We decided we could keep feeling bad for ourselves because of our 'broken bow' and the fact that we couldn't find any 'food'...OR we could put it all behind us and keep expecting and working for the miracle waiting around the corner. So that's what we did. On Saturday, we still didn't know who was getting baptized the next day. We prayed every hour for a miracle. The younger sister of one of our RC's really wanted to be baptized on Sunday, but had been sick the entire week and wasn't able to meet with us. On Saturday afternoon her sister called us and said that she was feeling better and could go to the church to interview that day. She interviewed and passed, and was baptized Sunday. She and her sister read the scriptures and pray together every night! On Sunday, her mom came to see her baptism. I can't wait to see her whole family come into the church one day.

I know that God is a God of miracles. He is so perfectly aware of His children, and nothing can stand in the way of His perfect work. I'm SO thankful to be a part of it all!

Sister Steele

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