Sunday, August 3, 2014

And so the "LASTS" begin...

Dear family and friends.

I don't even know where to start. This will be very short and sweet. I know a big change is about to come, and I hate changes. Not necessarily changes, just endings. It makes me think of Pres. Uchtdorf's talk and what he said about endings. We don't like endings because we are eternal beings. I knew that one day this 1 1/2 years would have to come to a close, but it has never hit quite as hard as it's hitting me now. I don't want it to end! And then I realized I was being unreasonable. This doesn't have to end! There is no end. God has no end. Even though I will be doing completely different things and jumping into a completely new chapter of life, this experience will never end for me. It's not just something I can check off a check-list. I'm so thankful for this experience as a full-time missionary. Even though I may not always wear a black name tag, my mission for Jesus Christ will never end. I have learned so much about love, life, and loving life. And there is so much to love! And I can't wait to keep on keeping on, keep loving, keep living. And I get to do it with all of you! Thank you for your support, prayers, emails, letters, and love. I love you so much, and I can't wait to talk to you for reals later this week!!



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  1. Hi Emily: Hope you are doing fine out there. I think, it has been over almost two year since we first met. Since then the สะพานสูง ward has been changing, mostly for the worst! They have the new head ward now. But for sure the Ward's heydays is over. All classes are getting smaller by month! I don't even go to their class anymore. Just too boring. The A, B,C class used to have 30 students not only 5 at it's best!!! I still continue to build my new home in the Southern of Thailand. The project would last for two more years. Because I DIY:) Anyway, if this message get to you and you want to reply, you may do so at my e-mail, If not, good luck in life:) Sam I Am:) Yep! That funny Sam:)