Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Monday!

Where is the time going? I feel like I was just sitting at this computer yesterday. Don't really know where to start with this week, other than the fact that it went by super fast. Lots of rain lately. And if it's not raining, it's overcast...which isn't exactly my favorite kind of weather, but I guess I can't complain that we have some nice shade. We've definitely been caught in the rain a couple times this week though. Thank goodness for colorful rain ponchos from the 7/11.

Bro. Nuay got baptized yesterday!! He works as a radio host/ teaching him was interesting. He likes to talk. And only talk. He feels like he doesn't have a lot of knowledge, but he knows he has a lot of faith. And that's all that's required! Faith and desire. His baptism day was wonderful, and the Branch President baptized him. They're best buds now. Nuay's testimony was probably one of the most dramatic things I've ever heard...more like  speech actually. Like I said, he loves to talk. But the Spirit was there, and He knows that His life is changing for the better. Great guy.

Lessons I learned this week: 

Don't teach lessons at McDonald's. The music is way too loud, and the investigators eventually lose interest and don't take you seriously.

There is a friendly neighborhood salad lady just around the corner from our church. She even sold a version of croutons that was semi-delicious. 

There really are places to eat around the church, you just have to look for them first. We discovered a little Italian restaurant that changed my world. I ate pesto pasta for the first time in 18 months.

If you decide to work on a Christlike attribute for the week, it instantly becomes harder. Because all of a sudden you're provided with opportunities to strengthen your weaknesses. Fun times.

Thai people are the most loving andd happy people on this world. The worst they can do is ignore me, and I realize I've had it so comparison to the American man that told me to "Get out of the way!" the other day. That's not to say that American men aren't nice...I just had the opportunity to exercise my love and charity...and it took everything in me not to say some sassy remark right back at him...haha ohhhh i still have such a long way to go.

I learned that everyone has their agency...some people just don't use it wisely.

I learned that I have a reason to believe what I believe. Because I have seen how Jesus Christ can change a life around. I have also seen the opposite. I have learned what it feels like to see people reject Him. And it really hurts. And it took me a while to figure out why. At first I almost felt like I had been broken up with, when investigators dropped, or CHOSE not to follow Christ. But now I'm realizing it's not a personal blow to me. Not at all. Because they're not rejecting me, they're rejecting Him. And that's why it hurts. Because sometimes people don't fully understand what He did for them, and what He can continue to do for them. It's merely our responsibility to be His disciples, and to share this with the world. Because I would rather be rejected 1000 times over and have people know more about Him, then to walk silently by. Because "fools mock, but they shall mourn...". Some may not be ready for this message yet, but I am so grateful that little by little, we are gathering those that have been prepared, those that have been ready to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. And there is such joy and fulfillment in this work! Go out and share it with someone!! :) And those are my rambled thoughts for the week.

Love you all,

Sister Steele

Niw and Sing's baptism

Nuay's baptism

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