Sunday, July 6, 2014


This week has gone by fast and slow all at the same time. It's weird to think that just one week ago we were homeless and the branch was branch president...less...and it's amazing to see how much the Lord can do in just ONE week. We are now almost completely moved in, and we are no longer sleeping with towels and skirts as blankets. It's been so good to finally get semi-settled and dive into the work.

Thonburi is street contacting heaven, and we will surely NEVER run out of people to talk to. On Wednesday we were able to finally go out and invite ALL day and it felt so good. We saw SO many miracles! Definitely had our fair share of rejection, but also met people that had been searching and praying to find a church, and were so excited to meet us. Sunday was probably the best day of the week. There was just a completely different feeling at church this week. There was excitement. Sis. Sahagun and I were just so happy the entire day about everything that happened! Church attendance was up, a new branch president was called, there were lots of investigators at church, and the members were so excited about it all. There were 80 people at church this week!! That's almost double what it was two weeks ago!! We had the opportunity to teach one investigator who had stayed til after the baptism, and she's amazing. We call her '8:59'. One night this week we were inviting close to our house and it was about time to go home. But then we decided in the 6 minutes that were left, we wanted to find one more really golden person who wanted to be baptized. So we decided we wouldn't go home until we found that one person. We continued talking to everyone, inviting every single person, and once 8:57 hit, I was a worried we'd be out there all night. But then, at 8:59, just in the nick of time, we found Suni. She came to church, and now has a baptismal date for next Sunday. We asked some older members to help us teach her, one of them being a recently returned LA. I felt like I was in a help-group or something. It was great! These women were so supportive and so excited to share their testimonies. They just needed to be given the opportunity to do so. Fellow-shipping is really the key to strong converts!

I'm so happy here, and every time I think I can't get happier, I'm wrong. I just wish I could slow time down. Either that, or tack on another 3 months. Right as I'm finally figuring out how to be a missionary, time has almost run out! Which is why we're just going to block it out of our minds and keep sprinting! I love the urgency of this work, and I can't wait to see the miracles of the coming week.

I love you all! Hope the 4th of July was great, and that everyone ate a hot dog. I miss those. I treated myself to a Krispy Kreme doughnut, which I hadn't had in ages....mostly because there are probably two Krispy Kreme stores in the entire country. anyway, it was a good day.

Sister Steele. I am Sister Steele.

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