Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Times in Thonburi!

"This is the Buddhist shrine where people give food to the spirits. and i just stand in front of it shamelessly, inviting people to repent and be baptized. i love my life. yay!"

I love this place! mostly missionary work is just a blast. it's definitely work. but it's so much fun if you let it be. this week has been great, and sis. sahagun and i have seen a lot of miracles. we did a LOT of street contacting this week, and by the end of each day, my voice was pretty much gone. i've been meeting a lot of christian people lately, which is refreshing. i ran into a lot of muslim people in saphansung, so i've been impressed at the amount of christians here...although it's still probably only about 1% of all the people i talk to. anyway, we've been super busy lately, so much that sometimes i don't have time to think haha. or at the end of the night 10:29 hits and i have to scramble all over the room to get my pj's on and brush my teeth and get into bed. time just flies by when you're having fun. but it flies by WAY too fast! maybe i should just have less fun?? then maybe time would pass by a little slower.

yesterday (sunday) was amazing. Niw and Suni were baptized. there were a total of 4 baptisms in the Thonburi branch yesterday...which hasn't happened in...well i don't think it's ever happened. this branch is getting really excited about missionary work, and church attendance is growing. ps sorry for my typing errors...this keyboard is a bit challenged. or maybe it's not the keyboardd...i struggle. anyway, yesterday was such a special experience. sacrament meeting was awesome, and the spirit was SO strong. we had 12 new investigators that showed up to church, and they all had a really good time. sis. Sahagun and I were in charge of teaching the investigator class this hopefully everyone understood the words coming out of our mouths. the lesson was on sacrifice, and we talked a lot about Christ's ultimate sacrifice for us. We also pointed out the example of Aaron teaching King Lamoni's father in the Book of Mormon. the King was willing to give up EVERYTHING to receive the joy that Aaron talked of. it really made me think...what am I willing to give up to really KNOW God. if we truly understand WHO God actually is, we will never fall away. because we'll always be close to Him. and if we KNOW God, we will kNow Christ, because they are ONE. not one being, but they are so much the same. in purpose. if we know one, then we know the other. i love that.

keep calm and carry on.

sister steele

Sister Steele and her new apt.  in Thonburi...before moving in

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