Monday, May 26, 2014

One of those crazy weeks


for all that may be wondering about the craziness that is going on in this country, don't worry. it's really not as bad as it looks/sounds/seems. Since 1932, Thailand has had 12 coups (or around that). And it's always back to normal after a month or so. The Thai people are super laid back, so they kind of just roll with whatever is going on around them. 'i can't really imagine these people getting riled up about anything. yes, there have been 'riots' if that's what you would call them. but we never see any of it, because we're on the outskirts of Bangkok. so anyway, despite the country now being under martial law and such, everything is just grand. they have set a curfew for the entire country, which is 10pm to 5am. everyone has to be in their houses during that time. for the past few days, the mission decided to take extra precautions and be on the safe side. so all of us had to be in by 8pm and then we weren't allowed to street contact for a few days, just to keep a low profile. WOW. i never knew what it would do to me. i think i just about went crazy. i literally COULD NOT talk to people about the gospel the way i had been doing previously. let's just say we spent the last few days making LOTS of phone calls, eating a little bit too much food, updating paperwork, and pacing back and forth.
This week was definitely an interesting week, but God's work could not be frustrated. One of our investigators got baptized yesterday, and she was the happiest I had ever seen her. I think I love her the most for her sense of style. Every day that we taught her, she came wearing a different color of dress, with matching polka-dots, along with a matching hat. When I met her on the street, she was green. Last Sunday was red. Monday was yellow. Wednesday was red again. Saturday was black. And yesterday, Sunday, she showed up in all white...with a matching white hat to top it all off. I love this woman! 
On Thursday, we did a companionship switch-off with the sisters in Bangkapi. I prayed really hard for miracles to happen on both ends. And God heard me! One of the investigators in Bangkapi will be getting baptized on this Saturday, helping them to make the goal for this month! Here in Saphansung, Sis. Ference and Sis. Peterson went contacting almost all day long. As they were about to head back, the last girl that Sis. Ference tuned and invited to church REALLY wanted to go to church. She had been baptized before into a Protestant church, but the members had kind of "thrown her away" after that. And she felt unwelcome, so she stopped going to church for 2 years. She said she was at the point where she was about to give up on God, and had been searching for an answer. She was contemplating the idea of just be Buddhist again. And then she met the missionaries. She has been to the church every single day since then to learn with us. Which is a HUGE blessing, since we weren't allowed to go contacting after that. She already has good friends at the church, and she believes everything we teach her. She has so much faith. I am SO thankful that Heavenly Father is aware of us. He is aware of His missionaries, and the miracles they stand in need of. He is aware of His giant work that is progressing all over the world, yet He still has the time stop and notice one of His daughters in Thailand, at a market, waiting for a bus, praying in her heart to find the truth. Her name is May, and she's done searching now. He answered both of our prayers that day!

I'm SO EXCITED to get out and work again. I can't even explain. The past few days were....weird. I felt lazy, unfocused, and stir-crazy. It gave me a good long time to reflect on my purpose. And it made me realize how extremely lucky we are to have the privilege to go out and proclaim His gospel to all the world. It is meant to be SHARED.

may your last week of may be wonderful.

Sis Steele
Emily getting her stitches out (after last week's biking spill)

Sis Ference, Nok, and Sis Steele

Sister Steele, wearing Nok's hat...and Nok

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