Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wow! What a week!

i just want to say that i'm thankful that i have a good healthy 60+ years of life left to keep pounding out my dumb little flaws that make me imperfect. this week i noticed i have a lot to work on. which is normal. i think i realize that every day. and every time i get stressed out and worry that i'm not perfect yet, i have to look at my lifespan and realize that i have many more years ahead. it's all good.

i know we all have those spacy moments, or air-head moments, as i would call them. this week i've been kicking myself for not using my common sense, and decided i probably need to just go back to the basics of bike-riding 101. we had planned a companion switch-off with the sisters in Bangkapi, so i had an extra bag with me. i hung my other bag on my handle-bars, thinking i was so smart and resourceful. then the bag got caught in my tire, and my bike came to a complete stop. but i kept moving. so then i was flying over the handle bars, and luckily my trusty chin caught my fall. don't ask me why i didn't think to use my hands...i don't know what they were doing at the time. anyway, i didn't end up going on the switch-off that day. i got 5 stitches instead. i still have some gnarly bruises, and it was a few days before i could eat regular foods, because my jaw was a little bit sore (a lot). but all is well! and mom, you don't need to be worried to much. if you are, just imagine me flying through the air, and you'll have a good laugh. anyway, i should be getting my stitches outon wednesday. cross your fingers.

other than my biking adventure, this week was pretty dang good. Nat, our investigator that supposed to be baptized last week, was baptized yesterday. He's AWESOME. he worked so hard to give up alcohol. and he did it! it goes to show that with God, NOTHING is impossible. There's been a lot of emphasis in our mission lately to remember the WHY of missionary work. it's been on my mind a lot lately too. whenever i think of WHY i'm here I think of Jesus Christ. because He literally is the WHY, WHAT, WHO, and HOW. He's the reason i'm here, not just on a mission, but simply existing. He is hope, love, joy, peace, perfection, and salvation. and i love Him for that.

love you all.

sister steele

Sis Ference, Brother and Sister Nan, and Sister Steele

Brother Nat's Baptism Day
If you look closely at the above photo, you can see the bandage covering the stitches on Emily's chin!

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  1. Her trusty chin. Haha! I love that girl!! Glad she's ok.