Sunday, May 11, 2014


dear fans.

Another week in Saphansung! I really hope I'm here to see the end of this month. Sis. Ference and I are seeing a lot of miracles in May. Two of our golden investigators were baptized yesterday. It is amazing to me how much God can do with the hearts of men. One of our investigators started out only believing in God 50/50, but then...he PRAYED. He asked God Himself if He was real, and he got an answer. It's as simple and easy as a simple prayer, which is evident in the experience of Joseph Smith as well. One prayer changed the world. Satan worked really hard to stop God's work this week. On the day that all of our baptismal candidates were supposed to interview, one thing or another went wrong. One investigator had a few friends that got into a bar fight the night before, and being the saintly friend that he is, he had to take care of them and be with them at the hospital. He was about 3 hours late to his interview, but he made it. The sweet lady that got baptized yesterday is physically handicapped, and takes a LONG time in traveling places. She was also 2 hours late to her interview, and got stuck waiting for a bus at the market. But she made it. Our third investigator passed his interview....and then came to church the next day and told us that he had drunk/drank/dr0nken/drinked/sipped/consumed(or whatever word you would use there...) some alcohol the night before. Ouch. So we're having him wait til next week, but I think this experience is good for him, and helped him to realize what it feels like to have Godly sorrow and to truly repent before he is baptized. We have followed up with every investigator every day, and I  have really seen an increase of my love for them. In just one week, I feel like I really know these people, and really want to help them. The woman with the physical handicap called us later last night after her baptism, and thanked us. She thanked God and Jesus Christ for giving her permission to be baptized. And then she said that she was currently collecting her monthly income so she could pull out 10 percent in order to pay tithing next week. Ah she's so great! Anyway, I've rambled long enough now, but I do have one more miracle to share:

One night this week, we were hurrying out of the church because it was almost 9pm, and the elders made it out just before we did. Which was a bummer, because then we knew we would have to lock the front gate. The front gate is a beast, and the latch gets stuck almost every single time, making it almost impossible to lock. So this night it was being particularly difficult, and the latch just would NOT slide into the hole, and as hard as we kicked, pushed, pulled, and tugged, it wouldn't lock. By this time we were late getting home, but we couldn't just leave without locking the church. We debated a few times to call the Elders to help us. But the feminist in me said, "NO. You can do this." So we kept trying and trying for another 10  minutes and decided we may have to sacrifice our pride and call the Elders. But then I realized we hadn't even prayed yet. Why would we ask the Elders for help before we ask God for help?? So we said a prayer right then and there. Not two minutes later, we got an answer. The Elders showed up. They rode in on their bikes, because they had forgotten something at the church. And of course, they got the gate locked smoothly and easily, leaving us feeling defeated and humbled. So maybe we should have just called the Elders in the first place! HAHA God works in strange ways sometimes. And it wasn't the miracle I was expecting, but I'll take it. I'm glad to know that God has a sense of humor.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my mumsers!! I love you so much!! It was great to see your face and talk for a little while. love you all!

Sister Steele

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