Sunday, June 1, 2014

June is here!

wowww what a week it has been. full of lots of good things too. oh and whoever said that april is the hottest month here was mistaken. the past month of may was wicked hot. and even in the evenings when it cools down, i still sweat like crazy because of the humidity. basically the minute you step outside you can expect to be wet. also it's started to rain here and there lately. it's definitely not the rainy season...yet. but we've had a few thunderstorms in the past few weeks. the other night i literally jumped out of my bed a few times because the thunder was so loud. i think i was partly disoriented, but i remember thinking that the world was about to end. i was just waiting for our house to explode because the lightning sounded SO close. anyway, despite the rain, and the military men posted all around, God still trumps all. 

Our cute little investigator, May, was baptized yesterday. She's our little miracle for the week. And Sis. Nok was confirmed yesterday too. Ohhhh sis. nok. she's seriously a weirdo...and that's why i LOVE her. she's the one that always matches her outfit with her hat. I called her on saturday night to make sure she would be coming to church on time the next morning, etc. she told me she might be a little late because she had to go to a salon to wash her hair....what?? i told her she didn't need to do that, because that would be spending money on sunday, and we're not supposed to do that...remember? these sweet little recent converts are so new in the church...they're still learning and growing. she was all out of sorts, because she had forgotten about that rule, but she didn't know what she would do now, because she was "quite literally incapable of washing her own hair." she told me she hadn't washed her own hair for 10 years this lady is one of a kind. she didn't want to be confirmed if her hair was dirty, and her hair was "really dirty" as she said. running out of solutions, i found myself telling her to come to the church at 8am before church, and i would wash her hair for her. WOOF. hahahaha oh the adventures you have as a missionary. so there i was, the next morning. early in the morning, washing sis. nok's hair in the bathroom sink, pouring cups of water over her head to rinse out the shampoo (which she had brought with her, along with conditioner). oh, and she came fully equipped with a hair dryer too. as members started showing up, they gave us the weirdest looks. oh well. gotta love sis. nok.

second miracle for the week, which also involves an interesting person. i met a man at the market this past week. when we met with him for the first time, he said he had a dream that made him know that he needs to be baptized. he dreamed that a bunch of ferangs (which is the word for 'white people, or foreigners') who were on white horses, came down and picked him up and took him up to heaven. well that's probably just about the weirdest dream i've ever heard...but we told him it was an answer from God. Because God works in peculiar ways, as i've learned. this man is awesome, too. his foot was hurting him really bad on sunday, and he couldn't put on his shoe, so he almost didn't come to church. but then i reminded him of his dream, and that God wanted him to come to church, and he would provide a way. He came 15 minutes late, but he came...wearing flip flops. i'll take it. 
the faith that these people have is amazing. they're not perfect. and the church is still very young and new here. but they're trying. if we were perfect, we wouldn't even need this gospel. the gospel of Jesus Christ is a church for imperfect people. it is a gospel to help us BECOME. to become better. to become healed. to become like Jesus Christ. to become perfect. as long as we are striving, struggling, and desiring....every little thing is gonna be alright. 

love you all.

sister steele

ps. if i don't get the chance to email lots of you personally, it's because we have to go to Asoke today to have zone conference interviews. 

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