Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

A great day in Saphansung!

Fern and Fong

Sister Saa is ready to be baptized!

Since my last letter was long and awesome, this one might be kinda short. not sure if it was today or yesterday for you dad, but HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! or just make it Father's week. that's much better. we should celebrate a whole week for fathers. and mothers. and when it's our birthday. a day is much too short.

anyway, here are some highlights from the week:

1. rain. actually this does not deserve to go under the highlight section. i'm not a big fan of rain and i never have been. but that's ok. we've been trying to get along lately. but now that i don't have my trusty bike to get me places quickly, i'm left to trudge through the rain. the people on the market street get to see the two soaking wet sisters walking down the street every day, asking them if they want to wash their sins. ohhhh and on this same market street, i have the privilege of passing a....meat shop...if that's what you would call it. every time we pass they are chopping up an animal. usually it's a pig. today i saw a few fresh feet sitting on the table, as the butcher chopped with his huge knife and pieces of raw pig came flying out at me. yum. 

2. I learned how to make cashew chicken today. probably one of my favorite dishes here. i tried to write things down...hopefully it will taste half as good in america.

3. stake conference! that happened yesterday. and we now have TWO stakes in Thailand!!! the first stake was formed her 19 years ago. and yesterday, a new stake was formed in Bangkok, as well as a new district. this is HUGE! the church is growing faster in Thailand than in any other country in the Asia area. i don't think it will be long before we see a couple more stakes popping up. which means we're getting even closer to having a temple here!! so cool. I'm so thankful to have a front row seat in seeing God's great and marvelous work as it unfolds. i'm so thankful for this experience and i can't imagine my life without it.

love you all!

sister steele

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