Monday, March 31, 2014

March Miaracles

This will probably be another short one, because this internet place is sticky and hot, and I don't know how long I can stand to sit here. Although it's not much better once i go outside. i'm realizing that it is DEFINITELY the HOT season. this week street contacting was KILLER. if my message didn't turn people away, then my appearance surely did. hi, my name is sister steele, and i'm a hot, gross, sticky, sweaty mess. every once in a while i run into a friendly person that will see that i'm dying of heat as i try to give my little schpiel (sp?) about baptism, and they'll hurry and pull me into the shade so that i don't have to suffer anymore. every time we go out and invite people on the streets for 3-4 hrs. or so, i have to think long and hard about why i'm here. not that i have any doubts or anything. no, of course not. but day after day, when everyone here thinks we're crazy, and wonders why we come back every single day to face the heat and the rejection, i'm glad that i have a reason for it. and it's a reason that trumps all. JESUS CHRIST. because I know that He lives. Because I know that He knows the way back. He knows the way because He IS the way. He really is the only way. and people here, people all around the world, don't know that yet. and i know that my small inconveniences or obstacles are nothing compared to what Christ endured. and any time that some shrewd little old man, or some grumpy middle aged woman tells me that 'nobody here is interested. go home.', i get to turn to them (with probably a little more sassy-ness than necessary) and tell them that yes, people here are interested. because God is preparing people to receive His truth. because just yesterday, there were 9 people that followed the example of Jesus Christ and were baptized at our church. because in the month of March, there were 212 people who became members of the true Church of Jesus Christ. so yes, it is worth it. whenever i get stuck in my own little world of blazing heat, rejection, and 7/11, i pull back and look at the big picture. This mission is seeing so many miracles! in Novemeber, we had never seen more than 80 baptisms in a month, and then broke 100. and now it's doubled. but this isn't about the numbers. this is about people. God is preparing people, and we're finding them. and now i can't wait for april.

now that i've gone on and on, here's to another week! make it good:)

sis. steele

ps. remind me to tell you about our choir that we're practicing for for our easter program this month. it's been a stellar experience hahahaha. aka one of the elders said we sounded like a funeral march....thanks.
9 baptisms....Exciting!

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