Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Dream Team

well hello. in thai.

like i've said many times before, a LOT can happen in a week. so because i'm really lazy to tell it in story format, i think i'll just go day by day and list every adventure that we've had.

Monday: my stomach shrunk in the hospital, because i was barely eating anything, but don't worry, Monday took it back to its normal size. we did all of our errands and then ate KFC. and then a member wanted to take us to lunch, and we couldn't just not eat...of course. so then i just ate a second lunch. and then cursed myself throughout the whole 30 min. bike ride home...

Tuesday: Zone Conference. SO GOOD. especially because this one pumped us up, rather than telling us all the things we're doing wrong. we even had a scripture chase/jeopardy game. and our district happened to win, so then i got to eat a mini snickers bar. it was worth it.

Wednesday/Thursday: got a call from the A.P.'s that we would be getting a 3rd first i was really skeptical about how it would work out. but it's actually been reallly really good. her name is Sis. Kittima, she is Thai, and she has 6 weeks left on her mission. so basically now i am in a companionship with someone who can barely speak Thai, and someone who can barely speak English...and it's going really well! i loved my threesome in the MTC, but i wasn't sure how it would be out in the field. it makes things more fun, and we work really well together. thank goodness.

Friday: i had already planned to do a switch-off with some other sisters in our zone, so when we all of a sudden became a trio...ummm...yeah i didn't really know how a switch-off would work. but we made it work. poor sis. kittima got in the night before, and then i made her and sis. holmes go to Bangnaa sis. adams to work for the day, while sis. barton came to saphansung with me. we spent a lot of time in the sun. and got sunburned. and apparently sis. holmes got stuck on the subway and temporarily separated from sis. kittima and sis. adams. hahahaha. overall: switch-off=success. yay.

Saturday: first real day of work with sis. kittima. everything, in sis. holmes words, went "swimmingly." we were able to teach some really good lessons, and i'm really excited to be able to hear sis. kittima teach! she's an amazing teacher, and speaks WAYYY better Thai than i do...because she's been speaking it since birth. so hopefully that will work to my advantage. 

Sunday: awesome. A cute little mom we've been teaching, Wi, and her daughter Belle, came to church, and she brought her son this time too,Big. So now they can all get baptized next SUnday together!! so exciting. oh, and on a very unexciting note, sis. holmes bike got stolen. from the church. i don't know if i trust anyone now. we're still hoping and praying that a member just borrowed it for a bit or something. we went inviting at a market, and we got to eat a fried frog. and as Dewey would say, it was "YUMMO!"

well that's about all. today is monday, and i'm going bowling. i guess it could be of these days i will learn to love it:)

love you all!

sis. steele
Emily's way of making it to the baptism while in the hospital!

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