Monday, March 3, 2014


The following is an email received from Sister Manning, a Sr. missionary serving in Thailand.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughters with us here in Bangkok! Even while in the hospital, they were doing their work! These photos were when I sat with Sis. Steele on Sunday at the hospital while Sis. Holmes attended church and baptisms of their two converts.  The sister on the bed was one that got baptized and came to visit her missionary.  The 2 young men are members of the ward that wanted to visit and the YM in glasses even offered a prayer for Sis. Steele before they left. SO cute, it just warmed your heart.
Your daughters are doing well and are a great asset for the mission. Take heart in knowing they are being cared for by tge Mission Pres and his wife. They are very "hands on" leaders here in working with these young people. We are all blessed to be serving with them.
I understand the sisters are back home now so when I see them again, I will try to get more photos to send to you.
With warm regards,
Sis. Manning
Sr. PA missionary

Sis Steele (recovering from Dengue fever), her recent convert, and Sis Holmes

Sis Steele and 2 of the young men in her ward who came to visit.  She got discharged from the hospital today, 3/4/14!

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