Monday, March 24, 2014

 can't believe it's been a week already. And just so you know this letter may be kind of short, because my plans for this p-day include eating and lots of sleeping. NAPTIME. there is no time to be wasted. WOOF. even though i'm dragging, i'd rather be tired out of my mind as opposed to having energy to spare, knowing i could have given more. anyway...

satan has been working really hard this week. stupid satan. within our district we had 4 people pass baptismal interviews...and then for some reason or another, they got cold feet. kind of a bummer. but in the end, i'm thankful. i'm thankful that these people still have the ability to CHOOSE. sometimes i just want everyone to be baptized, to just tell them this is what they're doing whether they like it or not, because this is true, and this is what they need. but if i forced anyone into the water, that would be satan's plan. so when you think long and hard enough, satan's really working against his own plan. God wants us to do good. so when satan tempts us, he's giving us that second choice (bad)...hence giving us the opportunity to choose. take that satan. ok...maybe that makes zero sense. but it worked in my head while i was writing i'm just confusing myself.

so last week we became a trio. this week we became a companionship again. Sister Stack is sick and recovering in another area of BKK, so since we're already a threesome, sis. holmes went to be sis. stack's companion's temporary companion. confusing. basically, now it's just me and sis. kittima here. things are still going really well, and we should be having a few baptisms next week. but sis. holmes is surely missed, but hopefully she'll be back in no time!

well, with not a whole lot left to say, i hope everyone has a good week this week. as hannah montana says..."LIFE is what you make it. So let's make it ROCK."

love sister steele.

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