Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conference Time!

happy monday! or sunday, whichever day it is that you read this.

so i know we're a little behind the times here as far as general conference goes. we have to wait a week for the broadcast, and then we all get to go to the church and watch it. CAN't WAIT. Call me a typical missionary, but general conference is like Christmas. except it comes twice a year. oh and just a sidenote, i don't know if anyone noticed, but they called Elder Konnakam to be an area authority of the 70. He's from Thailand! tHis is the first EVER from Thailand. So cool!

this week was really good. we were crazy blessed and saw a lot of miracles. throughout the week i kept thinking..'crap. nobody's going to come to church, because we haven't found anyone in this heat that wants to talk to us.' along came saturday, and after calling everyone in my planner we had around 17 investigators confirm for church the next morning. not all 17 of them showed up, but 14 of them did! it's like God just shook the earth a little bit, and golden, prepared people just fell out of the cracks right into our laps. the field is white, and so ready to harvest, and we're seeing the fruits of the harvest. we have an investigator that's planning on being baptized this next weekend. she was actually gonna get baptized yesterday, but then we decided she needed to wait a week so she could understand what we taught her a little better....she thought she could just go out and build a church. she has great intentions and isn't trying to be apostate or start a new church or anything, but she really did think that she could use her 40 acres of land and just build a church in a city where there isn't any churches right now. to make things more interesting, she got up in testimony meeting and announced to everyone that this was her plan. she just needed some help from the members, etc. WOOF. that poor, confused woman. i just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide, especially when she mentioned my name 3 or 4 times. hahaha. i think the second she sat down, bishop hurriedly pulled her out and sat down and had a good talk with her. we met with her after church too, and reviewed the restoration. we talked about God's authority, and how these kind of things have to be decided by God, through His prophet. Not by sister Boo. i think she understands now, because now it seems like she's trying to be extra good, and prove that she's really ready to get baptized next week...the rest of the day she was singing extra loud and almost yelling 'amen' to show her enthusiasm.

today we had a zone sports day. i haven't played basketball for....a long time...actually probably since the last zone sports day haha. wow. i'm way out of shape. and my body let me know that so graciously. whenever we have a sports activity and i end up soaking wet, i just tell people it was raining. it might as well have been. that or i just took a sweat shower.

this is about all i can think to say, so until next week, have a wonderful 7 days.

love you!

sis. steele

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