Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter


well today my time is really limited, because my to-do list is miles long. the day of transfers is upon us, which means for the next few days i'll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. plus we have a dying missionary in our midst (don't worry, she's not really dying, that just means she's done with her mission in 3 days. don't be alarmed). yeah, sis. kittima is near the end, so there's a bunch of random things we need to do. despite all of the that, the work goes forth. two of our investigators, Bowii and Gift, were baptized on Sunday! and their cousin, Acare, will be baptized next week. They're the cutest girls ever.

since i don't have a lot of time, plus the fact that i'm getting lazier and lazier in my writing, i will grace you with a few highlights from this past week:

Songkran: i have never been more wet. and i have never been shot straight in the eyeballs with a powerful stream of water soooo many times. by the end of the day, i couldn't see anything but cloudy white stuff.

Sis. Earth taught us how to make PadThai. OHHH my goodness. so good. i will definitely be making that when i get home. it's really not even hard, it's just about finding the right ingredients.

The Easter program: We have been practicing for this for months now. and the night finally came. the day of the performance we went to Asoke and then practiced about 4 times in a row....WOOF. i was ready to collapse. it was a really good program, and a lot of time and preparation went into it. the choir was....great. we tried to sing our little hearts out so that the altos could hear the part, but alas, it was still a little rough. the lighting people thought it would be cool to keep changing the color of the lights shining on us too, so i felt a little bit like i was at some weird dance party. when it came time for the actual final performance, all went well. The last note, HOSANNA!, I seriously could not hold it, because one of the tenors (probably a little deacon, bless his heart) belted out the last note COMPLETELY off-note. and i just smiled. really big. trying not to laugh. i loved the whole program, and so did everyone watching. and it wasn't because we were so super talented, or because we were perfect singers. it was because the saints of Thailand had gathered together to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. He LIVES. whether on tune or not, these sweet people sang with all their hearts about something that they KNOW. and I know it too. Christ died for us. But He LIVES for us now.

Sis Steele

Sis Steele, Bowli, Gift, Sis Kittima, and Sis Holmes

This is one way of ensuring your customers use deodorant!

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