Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy New Year! Thai Style...

Happy Songkran!

First just let me say that I absolutely LOVED general conference, and every single talk (no, not just exaggerating) hit me right in the face. BAM. there's your answer. I was blown away. and i really liked how a big theme of this conference was JESUS CHRIST. i mean, i guess that makes sense, since this is His church and all. but i couldn't help but think of Helaman 5:12 as a theme, especially for the first day. i love that we can go right back to the basics. if we just look at Jesus Christ, and how he lived, we will know exactly what we need to do to be happy. ahhh loved every single minute of it and i'm sad it's over already. Oh guess what. Boo got baptized on Saturday! Bishop said she was good to go after interviewing her another time, just to make sure there were no more thoughts of building a church left in her mind. haha. She really was so happy too, after she was baptized. i explained that she would be asked to bear her testimony afterward, and based on her last testimony-sharing experience, i told her she could just keep it short, and just share her feelings. as she got up, i was still wringing my hands and biting my nails. but all was well. she was indeed a changed person. she talked about finally finding the right path, and that she knew she had been baptized in Christ's true church on the earth today, by the proper authority. her testimony was amazing, leaving me relaxed and happy in my chair. home run, sister boo.

This time last year was one of my first days in country, and I was lucky enough to be greeted by the annual water festival...or in other words the Thai New YEAR. Now that it's been a year, and I actually know what's going on, and what people are saying, I'm super excited to go out and play today. I even bought myself a nice flowery shirt. It's tradition. In case you forgot, Songkran is basically an entire 3 days (or more, for those die-hard people who can't give it up) of throwing water at each other, and smearing chalky paste all over everyone's faces. yesterday (sunday) we were trying to make it all day without getting terribly soaked. and we knew we had to be home before 7pm on these next three days. So we headed home from the church around 6:45, pedaling our bikes as fast as we could go. but then we went down the market street. big mistake. we passed a man with a big huge smile on his face as he threw a huge bucket of water at us as we rode by. drenched. haha welcome to Songkran. then we got home, inside our gate, and sister Kittima told me to lock it up....while she then grabbed the hose and sprayed me down completely, laughing hysterically the whole time! so then we had our own little water fight, right outside our door. we're so cool.

have a great week!

sister steele

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