Sunday, January 26, 2014

No. You do it my way.

dear friendsfamilyandrandoms,

This week was good, and Sis. Holmes and I are happy. It's crazy how much can happen in one week, and how many investigators we will meet, teach, and then say goodbye to. The finding and gathering process is exciting, and at the end of the week we have a few that will stick, and really want to progress towards baptism. One of our investigators got baptized yesterday! Tar. I told you about him last week right? I don't know why, but for some reason, baptism days are super stressful. Everything happens all at once, and I need 7 more hands to do everything. Yesterday: totally forgot to tell him to wear white underwear. oops. so the elders were rushing around trying to figure out how to help him and i was like, haha sorryyyyy. and then a member that's from Burma wanted pamphlets in Burmese to give to her friend who was interested, and i just didn't have time to deal with that, so i think she was annoyed at me. i had to call and apologize later that night. oops. oh and during the baptismal program they wanted the missionaries to do a special musical number...which we had NOT practiced at all for. so basically me and e. engle played a violin duet while e. wilson played the piano. and it was literally the first time all of us had played it together. maybe i missed a few key changes...oops. and then one of our investigators who was supposed to interview for baptism was telling me that she actually can't because her boyfriend doesn't want her to because he's catholic and he would be breaking his promise with God if she was baptized into our church...? what??  I think my patience is down here...(pointing to mid-calf level right now). Because sometimes I just do not understand the reasons that these people keep bringing up for not being baptized. We have seen SO many people come SO close, and then Satan sneaks in. But then I think I've learned the importance of opposition. There has to be opposition in all things, or we wouldn't even recognize the good when it hit us in the face. So every time I'm rejected time after time after time, I have to realize that the good will be so much sweeter. And to just keep going. Because nothing worth having comes easy. Tar was baptized yesterday, and he's HAPPY. and even though i felt like a crazy little missionary running around the chapel doing this and that, and worrying about this and that, the end product was good. and that's because this is God's way, God's work, not mine. thank goodness. I love this work, this place, these people, with all of my whole heart.

love you all too!

sis. steele

Tar's baptism

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