Sunday, January 19, 2014



this letter might be short and sweet because: 1. nothing out of the ordinary has happened this week 2. i'm lazy 3. i'm hungry and i can't concentrate until i eat. 4. my last one was good and long so i'll make up with a short one today.

we've been doing A LOT of inviting and talking to people. because if we talk to eVERYONE, then we find golden investigators. we have a really cool investigator right now, his tame is DAR. he's been a Thai boxer before, and bikes to and from work every day, which is FAR. so DAR bikes FAR. haha i'm so funny. anyway he plays just about every sport, and he teaches english and french. and he's tall. wow i sound like i'm describing my biggest crush or something. i promise i'm not in love with my investigators....he's just super cool. and he's from Korat!! he actually lived on the same street that i did when i was there! he had learned with the missioanries before when he was younger, and gone to the english classes at the church. small world. he has really studied this gospel out for himself, and he is so excited to be baptized. when we taught him the law of tithing yesterday, he was SO excited about it. i've never really seen that before. he's getting baptized this Sunday.

we had a good turn out at church yesterday, as far as investigators go. one girl we met at the BIG C (big huge supermarket) brought her friends too, so that was a plus. during the investigator class, i sat by one of them and was helping them understand what was going on, showing them pictures, etc. When the teacher was reading a scripture, i turned to the what i thought was the right reference so that my investigator could read and follow along. when i pointed to the verse, he started reading silently and then just looked really confused. and then i looked down and actually took the time to read it in thai, and realized it was one of those weird chapters, and the verse said, "..and Coriantum was the son of Ammagaddah..." or some weird name like that. and that's all. hahaha. yeahhhh not the right verse. oops.

i've learned a lot about patience lately. sometimes when i don't get outcomes that i expect, i have to realize that God's way is higher than mine. this week i thought a lot about that awesome mormon message my elder holland, "good things to come." we have to keep walking. "keep walking. don't you quit." there ARE good things to come. just because they don't come right when we want them, or how we expect them doesn't mean God is withholding them from us. It is all in His way and in HIs timing.


sis. steele

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