Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Back to BKK

Dear family.

Whoa. That's really all I have to say about this area. We've seen a lot of amazing things happen and I know this area is full of people that are prepared. I kind of feel like when I came here I got on a treadmill that was going 100 miles per hour and I keep falling flat on my face. But then I get back up I'm able to go a little bit faster each time. Oh yeah, let me actually tell you where i am, etc. because transfers were about a week ago, and it's been a while since i emailed. i'm back in Bangkok, in Saphaansung, and it is the most successful area in the mission right now, as far as baptisms go. no pressure. when i was in srinakharin i came here for district meetings, and i always kinda wanted to serve here, and now here i am! oh and i'm training again. her name is sis. holmes and she just got here a week ago! yay for greenies! i was one once. she's from sandy utah and is 19, just out of high school. she's very mature for her age though so that's good. I've learned so much already from being here, mostly about how to invite. So here's how we do it. we're like little vultures that circle around the market place, just waiting for the golden investigator to come along. We pick a spot, have our little pictures of baptism, and stop EVERYONE to talk to them. We ask them if they have seen the picture before, tell them what it is, and that they can wash their sins away, and ask them if they want to do it. If they're not interested, they usually walk away after 'Hello.' But if they are, we have them walk to the church with us, right then and there. We usually do contacting really close to the church, because if we can get them into the church, they feel the spirit. we usually have members there all the time, and we're able to teach them a lesson with a member too. we've already found about 2 or 3 people that are ready to be baptized. Sometimes I'll go hours without meeting a single person who's interested, but we find at least one person every day who is golden. And I decided that it's not just this area that is booming. It's not just this area that has so many people that are prepared. EVERY area can be like this. When I came here, I automatically EXPECTED to find somebody, anybody, whoever they were, that would follow me back to the church and accept a baptismal date. Because I know it's been happening, so it can continue to happen. And it has continued to happen. And it really made me think that if every missionary everywhere 100% expected to find people that God has prepared, then they will find that one person. I've decided that my perspective of missionary work has just changed. Before, I thought that God would specifically tell me exactly who I would need to talk to, and that person would automatically be interested. Now I know that those people that are prepared are out there, but I don't find them until I talk to, quite literally, EVERYONE. It really is like fishing. You have to cast your line hundreds of times before you find that person/people who have been searching for the truth, but didn't know where to find it. I'm thankful that God sent me to this area, where I am now learning how to put every ounce of my physical/spiritual strength into this work.

oh and we had a baptism on Sunday! His name is Red. and he's a miracle child. he's 14 and his parents are muslim. he wanted to be Christian so he moved out. then he lived at a protestant church with a pastor. he's like Chancho off of Nacho Libre. he's living with his uncle now though. he followed the sisters to the church one day, and said he is leaving protestantism and never looking back. so he was baptized yesterday! and he's SO solid.

also, i never told you about my christmas was SO perfect. the best part was skyping with all you lovely people. after that, we went and ate ice-cream as a district, and then went bowling. if you know me well you know i usually hate bowling. but this time it was kind of fun. and our team won, so the other team had to buy us ice-cream. yeah we ate a lot of ice-cream that day. but it was Christmas so it's ok. then we went to a member's house to have christmas night with their family. we had taco night. YUMMO! and they had gotten us eacha little stocking it was so nice. we sang christmas songs and watched the nativity movie. all of it was so simple. but i loved only having one thing to focus on. Jesus Christ. And I'm so thankful to have this time to give all of my heart to Him. 

love you all!

Sis. steele

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