Thursday, January 16, 2014


I don't think I'll ever forget the Thai word for January for as long as I live. For one, it's taped to my shower wall, along with all the names of all the other months (great study time). and two, i've invited hundreds of people to be baptized this month, in order to reach the mission goal of 200. oh and also i got hit with a random cold at the beginning week, and i think it settled for my vocal chords, because my voice kind of disappeared for a few days. which was SUPER inconvenient, considering the fact that i have to talk to everyone, all day, every day. it's finally coming back though, so that's good.

so last week i said that we should be having a baptism this week. we have an amazing investigator, who is basically perfect. she already keeps all the commandments, knows everything is true, etc. we watched 'Finding Faith in Christ' with her the night before her interview and she told us that her life was lost until now. she interviewed on Saturday and passed. of course! we new she would pass. but then came the tricky part, because for some reason she still thinks she's not ready...figure that one out. i think she's afraid to be baptized when her husband isn't ready yet. we've been teaching him too, but he's not at the point she's at, and i think that scares her. eventually, it's gonna have to be a choice that she makes herself. so more news to come on her. she's awesome though. 

another investigator told us that he knows the BOM is true, reads it every night before he goes to bed, etc. but then he said one night he saw Buddha's face, so he thinks Buddhism is the way for him to go right now. but he wants to keep the BOM and keep reading it....? huh? all i can think of is SATAN. it's gotta be Satan getting to these people and putting that little seed of doubt there. with every ounce we put into the work, Satan knows something amazing is about to happen and so he throws his forces at us.

BUT. despite Satan and his scrunchy faced minions, God's work cannot be stopped. we are seeing miracles, all the same. we were riding a songtaw on Friday, and i was sitting next to a random lady that told me she was Christian even before i started talking to her. we didn't have a lot of time to talk because she had to get off at her stop. after a few minutes i realized it was our stop too...haha yeah i'm still directionally challenged. by that time she was a ways ahead of us, walking into the store. and then, i don't really know why, but i was running after her. just chasing her. yeah that's not weird at all. when i caught up to her, she was kinda shocked, a little surprised, but willing to sit down and talk to us. she basically accepted our invitation to come to church out of pity, and i could tell she wasn't really gonna come. she said she had to go to her other church. by sunday, i had kinda ruled her out, but then she called me and said she was on her way to church. everything we learned at church yesterday was so PERFECT. it was all about the plan of salvation, and it was really investigator friendly. as the hours went on, i could tell she really FELT it. she got more and more excited, and would reach over and grab my hand every once in a while. we taught her a lesson right after church ended and she accepted a baptismal date for the 26th of this month. when she prayed for the first time, she cried. she told us that she's excited to start her "new life." that she hopes her "new life will be happier and better than her normal one." and it will. because a life with Christ is the only way. Christ isn't our last chance, he's our only chance. i've learned so much from the people that i teach, and they don't even know it. i love seeing the light that turns on in someone's heart when they recognize what it is that they've been missing. I read Jessica Powell's letter this week, and i loved what she said, and i couldn't say it any better: 'i'm so lucky to pin the name of Jesus Christ on my puffy coat, put on my mittens, and then go out and work.' how thankful i am for the same thing, and how thankful i am that i don't have to wear a big puffy coat:)

love you all!

sis. steele

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