Monday, February 3, 2014

Better Late Than Never...

I know mom's probably waiting anxiously by the computer because i didn't email at my regular time. sorry! i was at the ANCIENT CITY. we just barley got back. It's in Samutbragan, and it's just a huge "city", basically a park with lots of different replicas of ancient places/temples that you can visit all over Thailand. So basically i just went and saw all there is to see in Thailand today, all in one place! so i'm set. we went with the elders in our district and some other sisters in our zone, and i'm pretty sure we all got sunburned, while spending a few hours riding around on bikes that were much to small for us. today was a great day though, much better than grocery shopping and lunch at KFC.

yesterday was an interesting day because we all had to be in before dark because it was election day. we made pancakes and watched 17 miracles.

anyway...I can't believe it's been a year already! When I look back to MTC times it seems like FOREVER ago, but then at the same time, it definitely does not seem like a whole year has passed since i put on the black name tag.  This week I went on a few switch-offs in other areas in our zone, because after MLC we're supposed to spread the zone training around so that the whole mission is on the same page. Every time I go to another area I see how awesome this whole zone is, and it makes me kinda wish i just had all the time in the world serve in every single area. the people here are amazing. everywhere you go.
these amazing people also include the crazy man on the market street. i think i told you about him before. we saw him again today but i didn't recognize him because he cut his hair and shaved his beard. so when he started following me and singing a song very loudly in my ear, i was like, "oh great, there's two of them." but then i realized it was the same guy, just changed his facial hair. i didn't know whether to be scared or laugh...he followed us into the 7/11 too and was just babbling crazy things while we went around buying this and that.

Also, exciting news: we had 164 baptisms in the month of JANUARY. That has NEVER happened in the history of this mission. So every time i'm out inviting people to be baptized ALL DAY LONG, and getting a hand shoved in my face, and meeting people that aren't exactly "pleasant", I remember that one day President Monson will announce that there will be a temple in Thailand. And i can't wait for that day. because the people here deserve it. It's the vision that we have as a mission, the members want it so bad, but God wants it even more. He wants a house in Thailand. Even in a predominantly Buddhist country, Jesus Christ's name will be known, and there will be a temple in Bangkok! Can't wait for that day!

love you all!

sis. steele

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