Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy September!!

i don't really know how it's possible to have a bad cold in hot humid thailand, but it's possible haha. i can't decide what's worse: getting food poisoning and being stuck in bed, or having a nasty cold that makes you sound like a man when you talk to anyone...and i'm talking to people all day that's fun. i decided i'd probably prefer the cold, but it's still nasty.

anyway, our first English class with the army base went really well! we taught a room full of 80 soldiers, and hopefully i'll get to send pictures at some point. we got to talk to them each individually too, so that we could tell what level their English was at. We taught them how to sing Old McDonald had a farm...hahhahahah that was funny. i really wish i would have recorded it. after that class we had our regular English class at the church, and one of the soldiers from earlier in the day showed up! and he's totally interested in the church too! it's crazy how fast we're seeing results from this, and i can't wait to see what happens as more time goes on.

One of our investigators had a bday this week, and she turned 16! we made her a cake and had her come to the church with all the youth in our ward. she loved it. and then we watched the Restoration DVD with her after because she hadn't seen it yet. the spirit was soooo strong, and she said she knows it's true. she's so awesome, and her faith is so strong. We had a training meeting this week too, for all DL's, ZL's, and trainers. It was so good, and it really helped me have the motivation to be better and think of more creative ways to find people. We also had a District conference in Khon Kaen, and there were 24 men ordained to the Melchezidek priesthood. it was amazing. and we are going to have a stake in this District for sure! that's one step closer to having a temple. 

one of the biggest things I've learned is that God ALWAYS answers. hardly ever is it the way you expect or in the timing you expect, but He always provides. sometimes i think we're hardly ever getting results from our inviting/finding efforts. ok, maybe not directly. but i truly believe that God has seen our faith and our willingness to work, and he provides new investigators, blessings, miracles, in other ways. we just had to show him that he could trust us first. i know that this is his work, and that we can do anything, because he can do anything.


sis. steele

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