Monday, September 16, 2013


hello family, friends, etc.

this week has been absolutely awesome. surprise number 1: I didn't think i was gonna get my package until transfers meeting, because that's usually how it works, but then we had a meeting with our zone leaders from Roi et, and they brought my package with them! so i got it the day before my birthday! and yes, i waited to open it. it seriously felt like christmas morning on Friday, and i was probably wayyyy too excited to open that package. and it was the best birthday present everrrrr! my favorite part was the letters and pictures from all my friends and family. mom had mentioned that it might be a good idea to not read them all at once, kinda space them out so that i could save some for a day when i need a little pick-me-up...yeah that was a really good idea...except for that i may or may not have terrible self control...and i may or may not have spent my entire personal study hour reading every single letter in the package. oops. oh well it was totally worth it. THANK YOU so much i loved the package! and it made my day. later that night, sis. stack said we were going to a member's house...but i knew something was up, because she's terrible at keeping secrets haha. so we got there, and a bunch of random people jumped out and yelled 'surprise! happy birthday!' really though it was the most random combination of people: the elders, one of my favorite families, a few people i didn't even know, the shop owner next door, and bro. nok. apparently bro. nok, the LA that's been coming back to church now, planned the entire thing and cooked a whole live chicken so we could have a feast...beak, legs, everything. the pictures should explain more. yes i ate chicken talons for my birthday. i can't even explain how much i love these people. it breaks my heart to think that i will ever have to leave them, which means i'm coming back here for sure! 

we got the chance to go to st. mary's hospital with the investigator friend we have that plays the violin too. sis. stack and i thought it would be a great chance to talk to a bunch of people/play some music. So i got to play my violin with him in the lobby, with his friend who played the cello. poor sis. stack got her ear talked off my some sweet little old lady for 2 hours....overall it was a good experience though haha

this week we have seen some pretty amazing things happen. we have been told to focus on teaching the law of tithing to less active m. priesthood holders, because that's what needs to happen to get closer to having a temple here. we were promised we would see miracles if we do this. i know that when God promises something, He keeps His promise. FOR SURE. we had a complete full day of miracles just from teaching 2 men in our branch about the importance of paying tithing. it's such a sacrifice for people here, but they know that God will bless them so much if they will just show their faith. yesterday our investigator, Bam, who we've been teaching since we got here (about 3 months) had her baptismal interview. She had to wait 3 months because she's only 13. SHE PASSED! i had no doubt that she would though. i have never seen someone more happy, and i have never been more happy. again, i can't even explain the joy i feel. i love this sweet girl so much, and yesterday was perfect. it was a perfect day. we have started teaching 3 other girls, First, Cartoon, and Pung, and they all want to be baptized. it's crazy to look back at the days when sis. stack and i could barely find anyone to teach, would go inviting all day, and would struggle just to find new investigators. and now we are seeing miracles. we're seeing that there are people that God has prepared, that are SO ready to follow Jesus Christ. everything that has happened this past week is all from God, and it's so cool to know that no matter how weak or inexperienced i am, i can't mess His work up, because He is the true teacher. i've never been more certain than i am now that God is real, and that this is His work. This is the only true church of Jesus Christ on the earth. I'm so HAPPY!

thank you for everything, i really can feel your prayers. love you all so much!

sis. steele

Enjoying the birthday package!

22 candles???

Sis Stack, First, and Sis Steele

Birthday dinner in Thailand!

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