Monday, September 9, 2013


now that i finally know my way around this place, time is moving too fast! i can't believe it's already september...what??

so our english classes with the soldiers have been going well. it's still kinda stressful to do all the prep for it each week, but i really like teaching, and we have a lot of fun. plus, the head army guy comes to the church to pick us up in a huge nice white van, and they give us orange juice. so there are definitely good things coming from this. also, last time we had a spiritual thought/lesson at the end of class, and we introduced the BOM, and told them it could answer any question they had in life, even helping them learn English. after that, we passed out registration forms, and told them that if they were interested in learning more about the gospel, they could meet with the missionaries. after we left, we counted through the forms, and there were 15 people who were interested. MIRACLE.

We have been teaching a couple from singapore, and we've been trying to get a couple in our ward (who speak english and are from the phillipines) to help us teach them. but we hadn't been able to get a time for both of them that worked. anyway, on sunday we finally followed the phillipines couple home so we could see where their house was...and sure enough, the singapore couple lives 2 doors down from them! they already know each other because they're neighbors! MIRACLE.

We found a new investigator this week, and she's AMAZING. she came to church yesterday for the first time (oh and her name is FIRST. so it gets really confusing trying to form sentences. the names here are super weird. aka: "well, we can just have FOCUS focus on FIRST, because FIRST needs friends at church. But it's hard because we won't even be able to focus on FIRST and it's FIRST's first time at church. Oh and after church we can go teach ICE and IN with SNOW WHITE." something like that...) anyway, First loved everything, and wants to be baptized. she even asked if she could take a sunday school manual home to read....wowwww. MIRACLE. oh and one more random thought about First...she kept telling me how tall and beautiful i was...and then said that if i was skinnier i could be a model. hahahaha. ouch. i don't even care. i'm fat and happy.

i just want to say thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. i live for your emails each week, and i love hearing that everyone is happy. i love being a missionary, i love these people, i love the gospel, i love life.

sis. steele

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