Monday, September 30, 2013


hey hey hey it's been another week and this one's been a bit crazy.

so on wednesday e. willamas (DL) told me that Sis. stack had to go to Bangkok to renew her visa with everyone else in her group. so two other companionships came to Korat from further out in the Easan, and we kinda did switchoffs for a day. so i spent the day with sis. madsen and sis. mullen. we took a tuk tuk clear out to an appointment with First, and she was actually supposed to have her baptismal interview that day too...but she's still trying to move out so she and her boyfriend aren't living together anymore. the lesson went really well though, and she's willing to do it even though it will be hard. when we got back from that lesson, we went to pick our companions up from the bus station. while we were waiting, we decided to sing and pass out pass along cards (we're supposed to be inviting/finding people in creative ways haha). So we took the elders with us and started singing hymns in the middle of the bus station. actually there was one guy who called me later that day and asked where he needed to go to be clean from all his sins. he probably called back about 4 times after that making sure he knew where the church was and what kind of clothes he needed to wear hahaha. so we'll see where that goes. anyway, while we were singing, i realized i missed a call from President Senior. that usually means something big. ohhhh yayyyyy i love my life. he just likes to get last minute revelation haha. anyway i called him back and he said that once sis. stack got to the bus station we needed to turn right back around and get her to Bangkok because she would be moving and i would be training a new sister here in Korat. The only new missionaries that came in this past week were khon thai or khon laos (Thai and Laos missionaries). so i found out i would be training a new sister missionary from Laos! but i couldn't be at the transfers meeting because i was still in Korat. it was definitely super hard saying goodbye to sis. stack, especially because we kinda started this area together, not knowing anything, getting lost together, etc. it was kind of a crazy day, trying to get her all packed up, say goodbye to everyone, etc. while the AP's kept calling us asking when we were leaving. we ended up leaving early the next morning, meeting up with my new companion in Bangkok, and then going our separate ways. 
My cute little companion from Laos. I LOVE HER. she's the sweetest thing i've ever met, and as we've gone out and worked together, i can already tell she's going to be an amazing missionary. she's 19, but i wouldn't have guessed it, and i don't think she even needs to be trained. the only bad thing is she's always hungry, which means that i'm always eating. but what else is new? oh and by the way, yes, i am studying up on my know...just in case i serve in Laos anytime soon. so our language studies: she teaches me Laos, and I teach her English. and the only language we can communicate in is Thai. yeah i'm pretty sure i can't speak English anymore i don't even know how.
the past few days have definitely been weird, and crazy, and satan has really tried to get at me sometimes. but just like every other time, i have found strength that is not my own, and i know that God is pushing me through. In his strength we can do all things.
last but certainly not least, i got to ride an elephant today. so i'm satisfied. we had a very kind investigator that pretty much drove us all over Korat today and acted like our tour guide. so i'm pretty much set for the next 5-6 p-days.

love you all,

sis. steele
Riding an elephant with her new companion

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