Monday, October 7, 2013

hello everyone.

this week has been really good. i've decided sundays are such interesting days on the mission. let's just say i can't wait til the day when i can go to church and sit and listen and enjoy what's being said, rather than looking back every two seconds to see if my investigators have come to church or not. ok, it's really not that bad, but i will say that sundays are probably the days when i'm most high-strung haha. it's like pay-day. you get to see whether all your hard work paid off or not. alos, Bam was supposed to be confirmed last week, but she was sick. and this week her bus broke down. stupid satan. so she got to church right after sacrament meeting, and apparently there's a rule that she can only be confirmed IN sacrament meeting. so now she has to wait until the 20th, because next sunday is general conference. but on the bright side of things...we have an investigator getting baptized tomorrow!! Pung. She interviewed yesterday after church and she passed! the elders have an investigator getting baptized on the same day, so we're inviting all our English students to come right after English class...haha we're so sneaky. Pung is awesome. We've only been teaching her for about a month now, but she was ready to accept the gospel from the minute we met her. We also had another investigator come to church yesterday, and we actually found him through inviting at the bus station. He called us randomly one day and asked where he needed to go to be clean from his sins, and what color he should wear. Since church yesterday, he's probably called me 4 times, and he's already started reading the BoM. So we're excited to see where that goes. Things are going great with Sis. Phavadee, my sweet little khon Laos companion. Last night i taught her how to make pancakes. we have a lot of fun together, even if we don't understand each other sometimes haha. i'm so excited for general conference, and i'm jealous that you've already watched it. we have to wait a week for the thai translations. i can't believe it was 6 months ago that i had just come into country, and my first sunday here was conference sunday. whooooaaaaaaa. anyway, i'm so grateful for a living prophet that gives us guidance straight from God. i've always been grateful, but i feel like it's a lot more special to me now. i'm kind of craving it actually. i hope all is well, and i love you all so much!

love sister steele

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