Monday, October 28, 2013


Dearest family and friends,

I've decided that Halloween is probably one of my most favorite holidays...besides Christmas. But not many people celebrate it here. i'm quite bummed about it. i wanna have a party with our branch, but they say nobody has ever celebrated it before. well there's a first time for everything. maybe we'll go trick-or-treating as part of our finding activities this week. but maybe we'll do it reversed, because i have a feeling nobody will have candy to give us, and if they did, it would probably be some sort of fake bread filled with jelly or custard...(that's their idea of 'treats' here, and they sell it at 7/11 on every corner). By the way, i pretty much live out of 7/11 now. i think i've wiped them out of their hi-chews by now.

breaking news: i think i am now the new piano player for the branch. the guy that usually plays went to Bangkok so that he could go to school...which means our branch is now limited to singing Nearer my God to THee and Teach me to Walk in the Light every Sunday, unless i play out of 'Hymns made Easy.'

There's a big sports tournament thing coming up for the branches in our district. So probably 5 branches. All the members are supposed to make teams in a variety of different sports, and then we're all going to Mahasarakham to play. oh boy am i excited. our leaders have also decided it's important that we practice a few times a week, so we've been playing a lot of volleyball lately. except they don't know what kind of ball you're supposed to use or how much air to put in it, so my arms had bruises after two days of playing. but that's ok, because I hadn't played since i left Srinakarin, so i was satisfied.

One of the LA's we've been working with decided he wanted to give us a bunch of food this week. he sent us home with a whole bag of it....and then told us he had a bunch of clothes for us...weird. apparently they were his mom's old clothes. but don't worry it gets weirder. he included her bathrobe in the package. yeahhhh i think we're gonna keep our distance for a while.

Yesterday, Obaw was baptized. she was the one that her mom took a while to give her permission. she's been learning with us since i got here, and to se her progress from beginning to end has been the best thing ever. she was SO happy yesterday, and she has such a good testimony. and it's really not the end, it's just the beginning. she bore her testimony yesterday and said she was so happy to start her new life. she's only 16. i love her! and really we can all start over every week. because of the Atonement, we can change. we can start fresh. 

i hope all is well. i love you all!

sis. steele
Obaw's baptism

Sister Steele and Sister Phavadee, her Laotian companion

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