Monday, November 4, 2013

ANOTHER WEEK IN KORAT! It doesn't get better than this!!

well hello.

this week was so good. Obaw was confirmed yesterday along with 3 other people. Our branch is growing so fast! Our branch president is probably frustrated that we can't baptize anyone but teenagers...haha. but they're some of the only ones that are accepting and will listen. so bring on the babies. yesterday we taught one of our new investigators, her name is Peace. She's 10, and we think her mom will start learning with us soon too, because she comes and sits in on the lessons and it actually really supportive and excited for Peace to learn. she told us yesterday that she would bring Peace to church next week. after our lesson (which included drawing and coloring the plan of salvation...oh man i love teaching children haha), she stayed for a little while and we played games and then made somdam. yes i made it all my myself. we taught her at one of the members houses. Her name is Cat. And we go there ALL the time. because she's hilarious. if i'm every having a bad day, i tell sis. phavadee we either need to go eat an oreo smoothie or go visit Cat. 

Yesterday was also fast sunday. we usually start our fast saturday and then break our fast around lunch time on Sunday after church. so we had already started our fast on saturday, and then we went to a member's house that night (s. Gop) who we also visit a lot. we usually help her with her work, which is stuffing fireworks into little bags and then stapling them to colorful cardboard. she buys them in bulk, sorts them, and then sells them. so we went over there saturday night, and then she told us we needed to eat with her. we told her we were fasting, and she said if we didn't eat we couldn't go home. she's usually a joker, but at the same time, she'd be one to get offended if we turned her food down. we finally decided we would eat with her and fast all day sunday instead. and then i think that decision came back to bite us the next morning. our stomachs kinda freaked out with all her spicy food, and the next morning was not fun...sis. phavadee spent our whole time before church taking turns in the bathroom. i guess that's what we get for telling god we were gonna fast, and then being like...oh, just kidding!

i think the rain has pretty much stopped, and it's been sunny the past week or so. I LOVE IT. it's been pretty hot some days, but for the most part, the weather in Korat is perfect, and always has a breeze going. oh and just a random fact: i am now halfway through my mission! weird. well it's time to go now...miss you and love all of you!

sis. steele

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