Monday, November 11, 2013



greetings from Korat. yes i am still here. It's so weird because in some moments i want to see other places and serve other areas, but then at the same time i CANNOT imagine leaving this place. it's seems like YEARS ago that i first came to Korat, and had no idea where anything was, or what i was doing. And now i know exactly where the best fruit stands are, which members will cook the best food, and which buses to take, etc. 

so we have an investigator (the one we found at the bus station) and he is determined to get baptized this sunday...but he still doesn't quite understand everything all the way. like when we asked him to give the closing prayer in our lesson this week, he was like, "ok, what chapter?" i guess he thought that the BoM was a prayer book, and he needed to read his prayer. hahaha. and then we followed up on his reading and he said he had prayed til page 5. oh man. so basically it just told us we need to explain everything SUPER clearly for him. we have an appointment with him every day this week, because he really is set on getting baptized this week. i have a feeling we'll have to move his date back though, because he needs to come to church a few more times.

a few random things i'm grateful for before i forget:

Koko Krunch. it seriously saves me every morning, and sometimes i can't stop eating.
Oreo smoothies. i'm not even gonna try and remember how many i ate this week.
the basket on my bike. it really comes in handy.
'hymns made easy.' where would i be without it?
sis. phavadee. oh man i love her.

sunday was a good time. sister sunshine, who is from the philipines, and doesn't speak thai, asked me to be the translator when she gave her talk yesterday. she was assigned to speak on Elder Clayton's talk: Watch and Learn, about marriage. so i had a fun time trying to translate words like: transparency, self-evaluation, and self-refinement. so after i totally slaughtered her talk for the congregation, i resumed my place at the piano, where i plunked out the right hand of 'our savior's love' for the 'special' musical was...special. i've been learning a lot lately about my imperfections. even though i wish i was perfect at playing the piano, or speaking thai, or teaching the gospel, i'm thankful for these opportunities to learn to be humble, and then to be better. and whether i'm awesome or not, i feel so much love from these people, and from God. and that's what this gospel is! through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, our best is good enough. as long as we're striving, struggling, and desiring to improve, that's what God asks of us.

bye bye now.

sis. steele

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