Monday, November 25, 2013



well, there wasn't a lot that happened this week, so this letter might be kinda short. i've been kinda sick this week, so that's been fun. food poisoning again. it took me a little longer to get over it this time, and it's probably because i didn't really have any time to get over it. plus we went on companionship switch-offs in the middle of the week, which meant i spent 8 hours on a bus one day, and 7 the next. i think i'm gonna stay away from buses for a while. especially the bouncy ones. 

Miracle for the week: we had an investigator, May, pass her baptismal interview on Saturday. She's getting baptized on the 30th! we celebrated by making two pans of brownies.

I can't really think of a lot more that happened this week, so here's some random thoughts that are going through my head...enjoy....

i'm really hungry right now.
sis. phavadee and i made up a rap to remember how to say 'we are forbidden from looking at pornography in any form.' thai is really fun to rap to.
i finally bought some multi-vitamins this week, and i've already seen them work wonders.
we were at a market this week and a random drunk guy made me stop so he could sing and do a dance for me
i think i have a total of 20 mosquito bites on one leg
it's about to rain, and i'm very upset about it
i found the christmas CD 'joy to the world' at our house, and i've been playing it over and over, just so i can listen to the music..(yeah i'm starved for entertainment)
i really miss waldo, but i think it's going to take me a while to like dogs again. the ones here are infested with fleas and they like to chase me on my bike. the other day, one jumped out of the bushes and caught me off-guard, causing me to scream out loud and swerve my bike into on-coming traffic. don't worry i'm ok.

well that's about all i have for today, but i can't wait to send pictures of May's baptism. It's truly a miracle, and i'll tell you more about it.

love you all! oh and happy thanksgiving! i'll probably be having a KFC feast that day.

Sis. Steele

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