Monday, October 21, 2013

Stressed is dessert spelled backwards!


wow what a week! It started off kinda crazy because transfers meeting was coming up. i was 100 percent sure that neither sis. phavadee or me was moving, because she just barely got here. but on Tuesday they called and said i would be training a new missionary coming in, and s. phavadee would be moving. what?? so we packed up ALL her things, including her bike, and left for Bangkok that night around 1am. got in at 5am, went to the training meeting with no sleep at all. then later that night they called and said...oh actually you can both go back to Korat, we changed our minds. we were both super happy to go back, but it was a long 2 days without any sleep.

so we got back to Korat and went to work. we had two investigators confirmed members of the church on Sunday, and another interviewed for baptism. she came out of the room looking super depressed and told me she didn't pass. i didn't really know what to think, because i wouldn't have sent her into that interview unless she was ready. i was SURE she would pass. so i jumped out and gave her a hug and told her it's ok she would pass next time. then she started laughing, and my district leader started laughing. JUST KIDDING! hahahahaha it wasn't very funny actually. how mean. they almost made me have a heart attack. so she passed! she's getting baptized this SUnday. She's the one that her mom wouldn't give permission, and we went to her house last week and saw a miracle when her mom signed the papers. I can't wait for Sunday!

it's been raining SO much here. we've basically been biking through some rivers lately, because the streets have been flooding. all in all it's been pretty fun, but there have been a few times i've been hit by a wave and fallen off my bike into the water. there was another day that we got caught in a HUGE rainstorm, while we got lost for 1 1/2 hours biking around trying to find a members house. oh how i wish i were blessed with a sense of direction. but i figure i wouldn't have half the interesting stories i do if it weren't for my lack of navigation skills.

We watched the video 'finding faith in Christ' with one of our investigators yesterday. She was amazed at how much Christ did for her. it helped her testimony grow so much. it helped my testimony grow too. as a missionary, you're always going going going. you're teaching people about your beliefs all day every day, and sometimes don't have a moment to stop and ask, ok how is MY testimony? do i believe these things? yesterday i was reminded of why I'm here. My Savior LIVES. He is a living Being, who loves these people so much. and they don't even know it yet. i love that our Savior knows us personally and will never leave us. "He knows the way because HE IS the way."

until next time,

sis. steele

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