Monday, August 26, 2013


wow what a week! i hope this email works out ok because the settings are being really weird and this computer doesn't have google chrome...don't know why that would really matter..but anyway. so much has happened this week! sometimes my head is spinning because there's so much going on, and i still have to try with all my might to know what in the world is going on sometimes haha.
so i've mentioned it before, but we teach an English class here every Tuesday. it's our way of serving the people here, and hopefully opening doors to people that could be interested in the church later down the line. it's really successful in the mission too. some areas are more successful than others, like in Srinakarin ALL of our investigators came from English class. we've been struggling here in Korat to find investigators through English class, so we've been trying to find more people that are interested in learning. Here in Korat they have one of the biggest army bases in Thailand, and in other areas, missionaries tried to start an English class and teach the soldiers. it's only been done in one or two other areas, and they decided it would be worth it to try it out here. so we've been having a lot of meetings lately with the bishop in my old ward (Srinakarin) and our ward mission leader, and the missionaries here to get it started. we met with the staff of the Army base this week to propose what we wanted to do, and he said they would definitely bbe interested! we are supposed to be teaching 3 days each week for 2 hours, and we are starting our first class tomorrow...with 80 soldiers. woahhhhh. it's such an awesome opportunity, especially if it works out like it did in Bangkok. they had 10+ baptisms come from it in 1-2 months. it really is so amazing to see God opening up ways that we never would have thought of to find even more of His children. so i'll keep you updated on how that goes...i'm kinda overwhelmed with the thought of it, but more excited than anything.
we had the opportunity to go to a wheelchair ceremony this week. the humanitarian funds of the church partnered up with some rotaries here in Thailand and were able to get a lot of wheelchairs purchased and we got to give them out to people who needed them but didn't have them. we got to go as missionaries to represent the church, and meet with a lot of different rotary members and talk to them about our beliefs. we also got to go and help one of our ward members with his rice stock. it was cool to see where all the rice we eat comes from. we helped him load all the grain into huge bags, and then loaded the bags to be stored. it kind of reminded me of hauling hay in a way...oh how i miss that...hahaha;) i really am thankful for so many opportunities to serve. and i'm so thankful for parents who taught me how to work hard.
we met a couple from Singapore this week. it was totally divine intervention. they're so interested in learning more about the gospel, and we got to go to their house this week and teach ENGLISH. it was weird. but so good. i also realized that my english skills are going down the drain the more i speak Thai. there were a few times i would slip into Thai and they would get a really confused look on their faces. the lesson went SO well, and hopefully we'll get to teach them again this week. when we were explaining what we believe, he was like, "wait wait wait i'm confused. You say you BELIEVE in only one God...OR... there is only one God. which one is it?" i thought about that, and i realized that these are things that I KNOW. he was under the impression that there were many Gods, but we only believe in one of them. There is one God, and He is our Heavely Father. Jesus Christ is His only Begotten Son, who came to earth and paid the price for all of our sins so that we could return to live with Him again. He is a living, breathing, existing being. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He knows how to help us. I am so thankful to know these things! Erik and Kathryn (the couple that we taught) were so shocked that we could live with our families forever. He said that was the first time he had ever heard that before. He said that his Buddhist beliefs didn't allow him to believe that. I asked him what he wanted to believe. and he said of course he wants to be with his family forever. how amazing is the plan of salvation! it's the only thing that makes sense, and it's God's perfect plan for us. i'm so thankful that i get to be with the ones i love for ever and ever. love you all!
sis. steele

Sis Stack and Sis Steele in Korat

"Our investigator Mou. He loves the violin, and we play together sometimes. He came to church yesterday for the first time! He wheeled himself there, and brought his violin too! i can't even tell you how special he is, and i'm so thankful to have met him."

Filling the Rice Bags

The Wheelchair Cemermony

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