Monday, August 19, 2013


this week has been really good, and i'm pretty much over all my tummy troubles. the elders had to go into Bangkok for transfers meeting, because elder Martin moved, and now we have 4 elders here in Korat! They were gone for a few days, so it was kinda weird just being 2 solitary missionaries here. i never thought i would be going through elder withdrawals haha. we had to help the elders get their house ready for 4 elders, so the night before they came back, we had to bring some mattress pad things that we had at our house over to the elders house. well because i wasn't thinking straight (which is happening way too much these days) we let the tuk tuk guy leave (the guy who drives the 3-wheeled, open car taxi) and then we realized we would have to carry the mattresses to the elders' house. luckily they only live a few blocks away, but it was already 9pm, etc. so we started walking. carrying two huge mattress pads down the street at night. i realized it was going to be a longggg walk. then this random guy smoking a cigarette pulled up in his truck and told us to put them in his truck bed and he would take us to where we needed to go. i had an internal battle for a few minutes...and at first told him, no it's ok, we'll be fine, but he insisted, and so i was like ok what the heck. the whole time i was praying that we wouldn't be abducted. although i knew i would probably deserve it, and it would be God's way of punishing me for breaking a rule. hahaha. oops. we made it there safe and sound...and then the next day we were reading out of the white handbook and got to the part where it said/ "do not ride in a car with anyone of the opposite sex without someone else of your same sex with you..." hahaha great timing.

the work is really moving along here, and as of right now we have two investigators that are preparing to be baptized next month. i love them so much! one is a 12 yr. old girl and one is 16. i never really imagined my self teaching little girls, but i love it. not only do i love them, but I know God loves them. i can literally feel it, and i don't just want to drag them to baptism and dip them in the water so i can mark a number in my key indicators. i really want them to be so happy for the rest of their lives. i think that's why missions are so stressful. and so hard. because we're dealing with real people, and their salvation. i've really been trying to work on being a better representative of Jesus Christ. because as long as we go about doing as He would do, we'll be ok! He knows the way because He is the way. and i just wanna go tell everyone what He has done for them. He literally SAVED the world.

until next time,

sis. steele

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