Monday, August 12, 2013

Food Poisoning is Fun

hey everyone!

i don't have a lot to update on this week, plus i don't know how long i'll be able to stay at the computer before i have to run to the bathroom...i'm seeing my first experience with food poisoning lately. I'm kinda surprised i hadn't had it up to this point in my life, or even up to this point in my mission. let's just say i am afraid to eat anything now, because you never know how people are preparing their food. anyway, it hit me pretty hard lately, and i spent most of the night on the bathroom floor, and then all day in bed. which was frustrating, because sundays are the worst days to be out of commission. i was supposed to play the violin for the special musical number for the elder's baptism, so i felt really bad about that. i feel a lot better today, but still don't really feel like eating anything. in the past few days i've eaten 4 pieces of bread. yum!

even though we weren't able to go to church, we had one LA, Bro. M that came back to church! And another one of our investigators now has a date to be baptized on Sep. 8! God works miracles that you don't ever expect.

I got to go on companionship switch-offs this week, and i got to go to Kalasin with Sis. Madsen! It's about 4 hours east of Korat. Also a lot more in the boonies.

So let me tell you a little about my companion. since i realized you probably don't know much about her. We call her 'pig voice'. She's probably just about as quirky as i am. when something startles her, she snorts. and it's totally natural, she doesn't mean to do it at all. oh it's hilarious. so anytime the phone rings and startles her, or she almost drops something, or she almost falls off her bike, she snorts. so anytime we're riding along and i hear a little pig behind me i have to ask 'what happened this time?" she's really awesome. it's really good to have someone to relate to and someone to laugh with. we've definitely gone through a lot together in the past transfer, and we work really well together. she's from salt lake, and she knows a lot of the people up at Primary's too, because she volunteered there for a while. she has a major sweet tooth, which has ruined me, because now every time i finish a meal i want something sweet..curses.

transfers meeting is this transfer, and neither of us are moving. but one of our elders is moving. i'm kinda sad about it, because he's really helped us out a lot here in Korat. He was in my same group in the MTC. as far as i know, the transfers are changing from 6 wks. to 9 wks. so i should be here in Korat for another 2 months or so! i love it!

one last little thing. i read josh's last email that was forwarded on, and i loved what he said about how the mission changes you. it's really not just about on the mission. i really do want to keep changing every day, and i'm so excited for life after the mission, because i want to always be a missionary. we got to watch the worldwide broadcast this week, and yeah, it motivated me for here on the mission, but mostly it made me so excited to get involved in the work as a member after i get back. i know that the gospel of Jesus Christ CHANGES people. 

i love you all!  sis. steele

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