Monday, July 8, 2013

well it's been a crazy few days.

i was pretty sure I would move from Srinakarin, and I was right. I didn't really expect it to be as hard as it was though. i LOVEEEEE everything about that place!! a lot of the members from the ward got together on wednesday nigght, our last night there (we found out on tuesday we would be moving. sis. madsen and i would move, and the other sisters stay. we had a last little hoorah with everyone on wednesday, and they all wanted me to play some songs on the violin again. haha i don't know what they're going to do for musical numbers or a piano player now that sis. madsen and i are gone. anyway, i can't even explain how i feel. Srinakarin will always have my heart. and i'm for sure going back to visit. it's already in my post-mission plans don't worry. plus, i was kinda sad to miss sis. nuun's baptism, but we were clever and had her try on baptismal clothes before i left, and we all took pics together. she was baptized yesterday!!!! wooooo! 

ssoooo let me tell you about transfers meeting. we left at 5:30 am to get there on time, and we had breakfast there and everything. we were all kind of just waiting around for studies to start, and then sis. madsen and i were handed a phone and told that the AP's would be calling and wanted to talk to us. ok....
so...basically, at 7:30 am the day of transfers, the AP's called and told us we had been called as trainers. to be honest, my heart sank. HOW in the HEAVENS am i going to train on transfer 3? i just barely finished being a greenie. sis. madsen and i were the only ones in the room, and we immediately knelt down and prayed. we're not experienced. we're inadequate. we're going to areas that haven't had sisters for a while. we can't do this. but as we prayed, i knew it wasn't just President Senior that called us to do this. God is calling the weakest of weak to do His work. mostly i think i was just worried about the directions part. because i'm directionally challenged haha. haha no i was actually most worried that i still can't speak thai ha. so anyway, i have a luug! a child. a trainee, a greenie, whatever you would like to call it. and her name is Sis. Stack! and she's so awesome. we have definitely been through a lot together in the past few days. it's been HARD. to say the least. but we have seen miracles. because we have to rely on God. He's quite literally all we have right now. We're in Korat, which is the gateway between Bangkok and the Issan. (about 4 hours east of Bangkok.) It's so beautiful! and the ward here is amazing! the members are really taking care of us. and we get to ride bikes now! and i've almost died 3 times! and i've gotten tons of mosquito bites! on sunday they had me play the piano in RS, and...i completely butchered it. and the whole time mom's voice was in my head..."one day you'll be the only one that can play the piano in your ward on your mission..." oh how i wished i would have believed that and actually practiced more hymns.

anyway, i just want to testify of the atonement. i know it's real. because it's the only thing keeping me sane right now. i have literally been at breaking points in the past few days. where do i go? what are they saying? how in the heck do i work this budget thing? how do i ride a bike with a skirt on? all of my stupid cares in the world, and feeling like there's a cinderblock on my heart. He can take that all away. I'm thankful for this opportunity to rely COMPLETELY on the Lord and my Savior. love you all so much, keep the prayers comin!

sis. steele

Ploy, an investigator, and Sis Steele

Emily and Sister Nuun.  She was transferred right before Sis. Nuun's baptism! 

Park in Srinakarin--Emily's first area

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