Monday, July 1, 2013


hello dearest friends and fam.

Just a few random happenings of the week:
one of our investigators teaches singing lessons, so every time we go to her house...we get to sing kareoke with her. usually disney songs. it's WONDERFUL. because you all know how much i love my Disney. i may have already told you about this kareoke business in another letter. if so, just ignore this section:)

it's possible to eat an entire bag of peanut butter m&m's in 48 hours...don't ask me how i found that out. sometimes you and your companion just need something to munch on while watching...THE DISTRICT. (if you've never watched it you're totally missing out) haha

because of the previous comment, you may have noticed that in some of my pictures i look fatter than when i left. that's probably because my camera makes me look......nope it's probably because i really am getting fatter. oops.

ahhhh i can't believe how fast time is flying. transfers are coming up this thursday, and this time I'm almost positive that i'll move. we should find out today, so we can start packing/preparing, etc. i have mixed feelings. mostly i'm just anxious and i wanna know what will happen. remember my old companion sis. mcdermott?? Dorles? she's gonna be training next transfer!!! on transfer 3. it's because we have so many sister missionaries coming in, so they have to resort to asking us dummies that have only been here for 3 months to help train. it's possible we could be doing follow up training too. so i have no idea what will happen. part of me really wants to stay here, and part of me wants to venture out and go to another area. but i LOVE every single bit of my time here in Srinakarin. I love the people, and i'm going to miss them so much if i move. they are some of my greatest friends, and i have learned so much from them. yesterday may have been my last sunday here, and i don't even like to think about that. we did another special musical number, because it was possibily the last sunday for two of us. (even though we do the musical number EVERY time ahha). and i basically just roughed out the song from 17 miracles (savior, redeemer), while the other sisters sang the lyrics to Joseph Smith's first Prayer. lots of the members were crying, and the spirit was so strong.

another happy spot of the week: Sis. Nuun interviewed for baptism on Saturday. she has been investigating for over a year, and she has changed so much just in the 3 months we've been working with her. the interview didn't take as long as normal, so we were really worried when she walked out. but then our district leader walked out and gave us the thumbs up. SHE PASSED!!! and she is getting baptized this Sunday!! soooo there's a possibility that i won't even get to see her get baptized :( but it doesn't matter. just knowing that she passed the interview means that God knows she's ready at this point in her life to be baptized. i'm so happy for her!!

There comes a point in everyone's life, where they need God. Because He is all you have. And if you trust Him, He will make life not only possible, but fulfilling. This week I have noticed a need for Jesus Christ in my life. More than I ever have really. He's really the only one that feels what I'm feeling. He's the only one that has gone where I've gone,. and can come with me to wherever I might go. and i am SO thankful that I never have to be alone. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

i'll let you know next week where i'm at, who my new comp. is, etc. such fun! ugh i hate this anticipation. toodles!

sis. emily steele

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