Monday, July 15, 2013

Mission Time is Warped!


sometimes weeks here fly by. but most of the time i look back to last monday and i can't even believe that it's only been a week...because it feels like a year! and sorry that i never capitalize anything, or use 'I'. tanner keeps telling me i need to type properly, but sorry doonis i'm too lazy.

anyway, oh man i don't even know where to start with this week! we're still trying to get things rolling in this area. the branch here is phenomenal. i wouldn't be surprised if they became a ward soon. last sunday after church the RS pres pulled us into her car and just drove us around to visit less active members. that doesn't happen in Bangkok. i was amazed. this week she took half of her day to show us around the area a little more, and she took us to a park called Bung, and it's so beautiful. hopefully i'll send a pic. we went there to go inviting, and we hadn't been able to find it earlier, so she had us follow her on our bikes. i expected her to leave after, but she walked around with us and talked to people with us. WHATTT. she is so incredible! the people here make me want to be not only a good missionary, but a better member when i get back. i had NO idea how much went into missionary work before I came, and i had no idea how closely you need to work with the members.

so...we pretty much get lost on the daily. actually i would say that it stresses me out more than the language does. hahaha. and i know dad is just rolling his eyes at me now :) if i knew where everyone lived, and could understand directions, i would feel completely adequate. but i don't have either of those advantages, so we're getting to know this area the LONG way. we got lost for about 1 1/2 hours the other day trying to find an RC's house. i must have called her back and forth 10 times, handed the phone to random strangers to interpret, etc. until we FINALLY found her house. so that's been fun. and now sis. stack and i both have sunburned arms from biking all over tarnation. by the way, sis. stack is AWESOME, and she's from Salt Lake. she actually volunteered at Primary Children's too! i think we must have bumped into each other a few times. we work really well together. even though i've only been here 12 weeks, and she's only been here 12 days, we seem to make things work:)

highlights/exciting events of this week:

sis. itri's bike was supposed to be sent to me, but it still hasn't come, so i've been using the elder's bikes. andddd i totally blew the back tire of one of them. oops. the poor elders. they've been so patient with me hahaha.

i dream in thai now

we taught two cute little girls a few times this week. i get 40 mosquito bites every time we go to their house because they live right on a swamp, but i love them so much. they took notes when we taught them how to pray. 

sorry that my letters are sometimes pretty long. you don't have to read everything if you don't feel like it. but i know i'm gonna want all of these when i get back, because i never ever ever want to forget the experiences i'm having and the miracles i am seeing every day. there's no way this gospel isn't true. how lucky i am to be able to share it with these wonderful people.

love you all more than you know.....SIS STEELE!!!

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