Monday, July 22, 2013

If you see my bike, I'll be there...


wowwww it's been a crazy week. and by crazy i mean i'm really starting to realize how tiring missionary work is. i think it's mostly because we have to ride our bikes everywhere, and by the end of each day, i'm exhausted and can barely stay awake for planning haha. we always joke that we'll never be as ugly as we are on our missions...yet people will never think we're more beautiful than they do now hahaha. i know i'm a disgusting mess all day long, but people here are always so nice. they tell us we're beautiful all the time, and even if they're lying, it's nice to hear haha. that's something i'll miss for sure.

i've decided that every area in Thailand is like a different mission. the branch, the work, the area, etc. we've had a hard time finding investigators lately, but we've been doing a LOT of work with less active members. President Senior and his wife came one morning and we had our morning studies with Sis. Senior. They challenged us to reach 15 reactivations of priesthood holders in our branch. by the end of august. the branch has given us a list of people to work with, and who we should focus on. i'm not gonna lie, it's super hard for us, especially being sisters, because we have to have another female member with us when we go visit. but we worked our little buns off this week and we were able to contact a lot of people. and even though i've been discouraged a lot of this week about trying to pull these people back to church, we had a really cool experience with bro. Nok.

We went to his house in the afternoon and he was so happy to meet with us. he's been a member for 3 years but only comes to church every month or so. we shared a little message with him, and normally i would've been like, ok that's good, let's go. but i felt like we should stay and talk a little longer. as he got talking, he said that he had been meeting with the Jehovah's witness missionaries. and that he'd been going to their church the past few weeks. in my head i was cursing the Jehovah's witnesses, and thinking all was lost. but as he continued to talk, he talked about how he felt when he decided to be baptized, and that he knew the book of mormon was true. he knew that all of it was true, and he could not deny it. he said that when he decided to be baptized he felt the spirit so strongly, and he and the elders were crying. as he told us this he started crying, and said he felt like he was feeling now. by then, we were all crying, and the spirit was so strong. and me telling this story really doesn't even do it justice...ah! it was so awesome. he promised us that he would come to church on sunday, and he did. and he gave us a referral for a whole family that he knows! i learned a lot from this experience: 1. it had nothing to do with us. at all. i literally did nothing. it was all the spirit. 2. if you help people to rekindle their testimonies, the spirit will be there, and there's nothing more powerful. 3. if you put forth all that you have, and lay it all on the table, God will provide. We worked so hard this week, and i felt like nothing was coming of it. until that happened, and i knew it was a tender mercy from God. even if we bring but one soul unto repentance, great shall be the joy. It's so TRUE!!

i love you all,
Sis. steele

Road Warrior!

Sis Steele and Sis Stack in a duk duk

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