Monday, July 29, 2013

I Like to Ride My Bicycle


this week has actually gone by pretty fast, which is kinda weird. i think it's because we're finally starting to find our way around this place, and it's getting more natural and normal to go day to day and be productive, rather than spending half our time riding our bikes around and being lost. although that still happens haha.

one thing about being in the issan (eastern Thailand) is that people live a lot further away, and sometimes appointments will take an hour or more by bus to get there. we visited a member in our branch this week with the elders, and we ended up getting caught in a huge rainstorm. we had to walk a little while to her house, so by the time we got there we were soaked. her house is also her hair salon, so she offered to dry mine and sis. stack's hair...which then turned into her washing our hair, drying it, and straightening it, and then braiding it....and THEN Elder Willamas wanted to get his haircut. hahaha so we spent a nice time with her getting all pampered. and the whole time i was just laughing because i knew we were just gonna have to go right back out into the rain. anyway, i was a little worried because it took so long, and we had to cancel another appointment that we didn't make it back in time for. but then right before we were about to leave her house, she introduced us to her friend that wants to learn about the gospel, but she just hasn't had an opportunity yet. the Lord works in mysterious ways.

highlights of the week:

Bro. Nok, the LA that came back to church last week, has been giving us referrals all over the place. he introduced us to a family that he knew, and we are now teaching the dad and his daughter. she called us the night after we had our first lesson and asked us to remind her how to pray, because she was about to pray before she went to bed...ah! so cute! she's 12.

the branch pres. called me on thurs. night and asked if i would speak for 10 min. at the ward activity on friday...about thai..i really didn't know whether to laugh or cry. i was pretty sure if i said every single word i knew in thai it would never fill up 10 min. anyway, somehow it all went well...hopefully everyone understood what i was saying...and i will never ever forget the word for 'pioneer' in Thai.

my bike FINALLY came from Bangkok. i bought sis. itri's from her so they had to send it from the office. anyway, after the first day of using it both tires are flat. wooooooo. i love my life.

the dogs here are pretty fiesty at night. and because my bike was out of service, we had to walk home last night, and there was a dog that was waiting for us in the alley way, growling and acting like it would attack us any minute. as we were walking past it i was literally praying out loud, while sis. stack was laughing so hard she started crying. we are safe and sound so don't worry.

i'm so grateful to be doing what i'm doing right now. i couldn't imagine it any other way. even though i'm exhausted day in and day out, and even though i am COMPLETELY inadequate, God continues to amaze me. i am thankful that the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to CHANGE people. the 'enabling power of the Atonement' is something that is said a lot, and we never really quite fully understand it. but i know i've felt it. EVERY day. because there have definitely been days when i think i just can't do it. there is no way. and every time i'm about to break, God sweeps in and saves me with one of His tender mercies. He will never let us fall!

well...i'm probably gonna go find someone who can fix my bike now. รักคุฌมๅกๆ

ชิสเฅอร์ สฅิว 

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