Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Can time slow down please?

Happy December.

This week we did a lot of traveling...which is ok sometimes, but when you have long bus rides week after week, it starts to get old. we had to go to Bangkok to renew sis. Phavadee's VISA so she wouldn't get kicked out of the country. it's been pretty crazy in Bangkok lately because there have been some political riots going on. i really don't know much about it because i'm way out here in Korat, and i'm not exactly allowed to watch the news or anything like that, so i'm kind of in the dark. anyway, we spent pretty much a whole day in Bangkok, because the buses were super full that day, because it was Father's Day in Thailand.
We started teaching a new investigator this week, and she said she loves coming to the church because she feels better than she feels in any other setting. She said that the members are different than any people she's ever met. She's so excited to keep learning, and  is progressing really well. We taught her on Sunday about the Restoration. One of the members in our ward (she is from the Philliphines) wanted to help us teach, even though she knew she couldn't speak Thai. She shared her testimony in English, and we translated, and the Spirit was so strong. I know our investigator came out of that lesson REALLY wanting to learn more and to read the Book of Mormon, because of the Spirit. No matter what language we speak, the Spirit speaks all languages. And I know that this investigator knows that God loves her.

I can't believe how fast time flies. Sometimes I wish I could slow it down. Korat has been my refiner's fire, but it has also been my little heaven on earth. I love these people more than I can say, and I am so happy. I am so thankful to God for the opportunity He has given me to be a missionary, and to see His hand all the way over here in Thailand.
Hope you have a fabulous week!

Sis. Steele
Bangkok at Christmas time!  (She was there renewing her visa.)

Open wide!

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