Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 2

Hi family! and friends,
Oh boy...where to start. This week was really good, and I really feel like I'm starting to get the hang of the whole MTC schedule thing. Things are still busy. Really busy. but days have startd to go by faster and i absolutely love everyone in my district! There's this one elder (every district has to have one of those weird ones you know) and he's seriously the funniest ever. He's just really quirky and makes really entertaining and interesting comments. One lesson he just randomly said, "You know, in 25 out of 50 states you can marry your first cousin." and the teacher was like, "Why would you know something like that??" Hahaha. It reminded me of Tanner's comments or the random facts he spouts out and everyone wonders where it came from. Anyway, that Elder just keeps me laughing.
A little more about my companions. Sis. Yim is 24 and a convert of 2 years. she's AMAZING. she really wants to be exactly obedient. She and I are really the SAME person, not kidding. We're both grumpy when we wake up from naps and wake up really early in the morning, we both like to exercise (my other companion doesn't), we both shower at night, we both love quoting movies, and we both say weird things..except she says things like, "OH MONKEYS." or "OH BOLLUCKS." ??? I don't know where she came from. SHe's so weird and I love it. Sis. McDermott is funny too. She LOVES candy. and she's always eating it right before we go to bed. She doesn't believe in exercise so that's hard since we're in a threesome. We have to do splits when we want to run and she doesn't haha.
Today was p-day (obviously) and was MUCH better than last p-day. I had a massive headache last week and it was just so busy and not relaxing at all. But today we decided to wake up early and go to the temple in the morning so we would have more time for other things (since the laundry room is a madhouse). We left the MTC at 5:30 and our WHOLE district showed up. Those cute little elders. It was so AMAZING for all of us to go and do a session, and I absolutely loved it. WE ate in the temple cafeteria after, which I had no idea even existed. And it's delicious by the way. After that we braved the laundry room...with the thousands of other people. Oh sidenote: they said we will probably hit 8000 missionaries here in tje MTC within the next 90 days. THere are 2700 here righty now. OH MY GOODNESS. SO AWESOME! and talk about crowded cafeteria lines. that should be fun.
Choir is one of my favorite things. Bro. Eggett is funny and he tellls stories too, so it's a nice time to take a break from THAI, which I'll talk about later, don't worry. We had a devo on Sundy which are my favorite. And guess who it was. Pres. Littlefield and his wife! From our stake! THey did a really good job. Soooo Thai is...coming. It's probably my greatest struggle here, but it's an adventure. I feel sometimes like my brain has hit its capacity, but then other times like I'm starting to get things. I have a longggg way to go. We just started learning the alphabet and it's REALLY HARD. It takes me about 30 min. to read a paragraph. not an exaggeration. We taught an "investigator" a lesson on the word of wisdom the other day, and I guess I told him to read vs. 8-21 of sec. 89, instead of 18-21. Sooo he was reading pretty much the whole lesson. oops. hahahah it was so funny though because he told us after in class and we all couldn't stop laughing. and i've pretty much got praying down. but one time I was praying with my companions and i guess I said "we request to thank the to feel the Holy spirit," and then I realized my mistake halfway through, and then said "CRAP" and then we couldn't finish the prayer because we were laughing so hard. oh man, learning a language is good. good good good.
hmmmm.. what else to i need to tell you. well we actually had somthing yummy on sunday. Chicken cordon blue. No idea if I spelled that right. It sounds like you're having a fun time with Manu's dad. Oh and mom and dad happy late anniversary!!! and valentines day! and YES I did get the package! sorry in my hurry i forgot to mention it last itme. but my whole district loved all the candy and such. because I couldn't eat it all, so my companionship made everyone valentines and brought treats. so we had a good Vday. Oh and my friend from my Casa dea ward taught one of our calsses this week. He was just a sub. But it was good to see him. Oh and I ran into Lauren Anderson the other day too. It's weird becauase while everyone else is running into friends from highschool as missionaries, I'm running into my friends that actually WORK at the MTC now. I've seen SO many of them. I saw Davey RUnnels today. It's so weird haha.
Every Sunday we're all asked to prepare a 5 min talk on a certain subject, and they randomly pick two peoaple to give their talks. So it's really nerve racking. I haven't been picked yet, but i've learned a lot from my prepared talks! I love the spirit here. One thing that Elder Holland says is that as a missionary, we need to be our first convert. Everything that we want to take our investigator through, we need to go through first. And I can see that happening to me. I know there is nothing more powerful than the Spirit of God. We watched the Joseph Smith movie on Sunday, and no matter how many times I watch it, I ALWAYS know. Becasue I feel it. Joseph Smith was a man called of God, to restore the fullness of Christ's church to the earth. And I get to go share it with people! Sorry if this is really long. I should probably go practice speaking Thai now. Oh and by the way, I have now mastered how to tell someone that I need to find a bathroom. All is well.
I love you all, and I pray for you every day, all day. God lives. He loves us. And I know I have a Savior that is enjoying this journey with me. ANd I love it. Chog dii!!
sis. Steele.

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